18 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries [2023]

best paying jobs in basic industries

Today, many educated people tend toward the IT and software industries in search of jobs. Some of them pursue careers in the law, medicine, and other recognized fields. This shift during the last few decades has left a hole for employees in the basic industries. These industries offer wide range of jobs and there is also a great potential for promotion. Workers demand in basic industries is at an all-time high which has increased the industry’s average salary. We will cover some of the 18 best paying jobs in basic industries in this article.

What are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are industries that focused on exporting goods and services rather than on domestic consumption and distribution. These industries are essential to the economies of their respective regions and frequently account for excessive share of market share. This could lead to other problems if an export industry fails or if political circumstances change, decreasing the market for exported goods.

Most countries keep statistics on their import and export activities, with a focus on their main industries. Basic industries are those industries that provide raw materials to other industries. These raw materials are used to produce finished goods. Iron and steel, metallurgical, milling, paper, and wood are some examples of such industries.

Why Are Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

The following are some key reasons why basic industries field can be a great career path:

  • First, work can be extremely physically demanding and challenging which can be a fantastic way to stay healthy and get in shape.
  • Second, especially for entry-level positions, the pay is usually good.
  • Third, the work can be extremely fulfilling, both in terms of the satisfaction of finishing a project and with the positive impact that it can have on people’s lives.
  • Fourth, there are often opportunities for improvement within basic industries, which may lead to more responsibility and higher pay.

18 Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are responsible for drilling, finding and extracting petroleum from the ground. These professionals do this by exploring geology and geography in order to find oil and other valuable minerals. When these resources are found, they can either be extracted directly from the ground or transferred by ship or pipeline to a refinery. 

Petroleum engineers apply the principles of applied science and mathematics to solve technical issues in the extraction and processing of natural gas and crude oil.

They design systems for drilling and producing oil, manage extraction methods, operate equipment, and separate process flows from crude oil. One of the best paying jobs in the basic industries is petroleum engineer.

  • Salary- $135,000

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety of air traffic, and they get fair compensation for their important work. They use a wide variety of tools in order to keep track of aircraft, including radio, computers, and radar. In addition, with pilots and other air traffic controllers, they must be able to communicate effectively. The job can be stressful, as controllers must make split-second decisions that might have life or death consequences. However, it is also a fascinating and challenging career that provides opportunities for professional and personal growth.

The yearly salary of an air traffic controller is $124,540, while the top 10% of air traffic controllers earn more than $158,130 yearly. In general, air traffic controllers in urban areas tend to earn higher salaries than those in rural areas. 

  • Salary- $124,540

Drilling Engineers

It’s one of the basic industry jobs with the highest pay. They focus on organizing as well as managing the drilling operations of oil and a gas company. Their tasks include doing in-depth research and analysis, working with other contractors and experts, assessing the drilling sites’ quality, and communicating with other parties.

Moreover, in order to maintain a secure and productive workplace, a drilling engineer must keep track on the status of operations and guide the staff toward achieving objectives. Maintaining a safe and effective workplace requires putting into company policies and safety rules.

  • Salary- $117,832

Synthetic Chemists

Chemists have to work with different types of compounds and elements, some of them are artificially while some are natural. Many industries like pharmaceutical, industrial, gas companies and biological employ chemists.

They study relations between various elements and compounds to find helpful mixtures that can assist in the growth of our world. A master’s degree is typically preferred by many employers however you can also get this job with a bachelor’s degree. You can get this degree from any college or university. 

Chemists often solve chemical equations. In this field, having a solid understanding of advanced computing is a must.

  • Salary- $66,014

Business Development Engineer

A business development engineer, or BDE, tests novel product development methods in the lab, designs equipment setups, and guards against potential safety risks during project operations. Tasks may include quality control, implementing improvements to the production process, maintaining records, as well as producing product documentation, depending on the industry type.

  • Salary– $102,368

Agriculture Chemists

As an Agricultural Chemist, you’ll work to preserve the soil’s quality as well as improving it. They study the growth of various organisms, such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Agricultural chemists discover and develop new methods to enhance the growth of plants and reduce the loss of crops. That is the reason the best paying job in basic industries is agricultural chemist.

  • Salary- $125,000

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers are in responsible for developing and designing medical devices and equipment. They work collaboratively with other medical specialists, such as doctors and nurses, to create products that will improve patient care. 

Biomedical engineers must have a thorough knowledge in biology, mathematics, and engineering principles. So, they generally hold a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering or a related field. The median salary for biomedical engineer is $88,040 yearly. Biomedical engineers can expect strong job growth in the upcoming years, as the aging population will need more medical care. If a position that combines biology with engineering principles intrigues you, discover our biomedical engineer job listings.

  • Salary- $88,040

Commercial Pilot

As a commercial pilot, you can expect to earn a competitive salary and enjoy good job security. However, it’s important to remember that a commercial pilot’s salary can vary greatly depending on the company you work for, the region you fly in, and your level of experience. In general, the average earnings of a commercial pilot is around $70,000 per year. 

If you are interested in becoming a commercial pilot, be sure to search commercial pilot jobs in your area so that you can make a good decision about which path to take.

  • Salary-$70,000

Mining Engineer

Mining engineers have one of the highest-paying positions in the mining industry and in any sector of the basic industries. A Bachelor of Science in mining engineering, post-high school training, and past experience in the field are required for this position. A day in the life of an engineer involves surveying boundaries for mine planning and planning projects for mining operations.

  • Salary-$93,150

Soil Conservationist

One of the best-paying jobs in the basic industries sector is soil conservationist. As a soil conservationist, you will collect information from reliable sources, develop budgets for various projects, and audit non-compliant companies.  Other tasks include creating scientific reports and presentations, lab testing environmental samples, and fixing any arising issues.

  • Salary-$64,588


Geology is the study of the history, structure, and other physical aspects of the Earth. Their knowledge of minerals and rocks helps them to locate sources of energy such as natural gas, coal, and oil. 

Studying tectonic forces that push up mountains, volcanoes, or causes earthquakes helps geologists understand how the Earth’s land masses move.

Metalliferous minerals are sought after by geologists who use their knowledge to locate them.

  • Salary– $68129

Projector Manager

A project manager is someone who is responsible for managing a project from concept to delivery. This is not just about qualifications or background but applies to everyone who finds themselves handling projects, making sure they are delivered on time and in a set budget.

The primary roles and responsibilities of project managers are:

  • Problem-solving
  • Plan and develop project ideas
  • Set deadlines.
  • Create and lead your team.
  • monitor progress
  • Money management
  • Investors’ satisfaction

Health and Safety officer

The main job of officers of health and safety is to ensure that every employee of the company, any visitor, and related people or property is protected and safe. One of the regular duties of health and safety officers is keeping an eye on and patrolling, reacting to security and safety dangers, etc. Officers of health and safety work in hospitals, colleges, casinos, office buildings, and more.

They are not needed to have any formal education beyond a high school diploma or equivalent. Many employers require that officers of health and safety hold valid licenses. Licensing process varies from state to state or place to place, some states say that health and safety officers must be at least 18 years old.

  • Salary- $47,100


An agronomist acts as a link between crop researchers and farmers in the field of agriculture. Although agronomists do a number of jobs, their function is best described as that of a “crop doctor” because they are concerned with the health and welfare of crops that are used for food production, fuel production, and land reclamation.

This is accomplished by reviewing research and using this information to suggest solutions to farmers. New scientific advancements re recommended to the farmer to benefit the farming operation.

  • Salary- $70,000


Metallurgists are part of basic industries and use their knowledge to helping people using the earth’s natural resources and create products that make daily life easier.

Metallurgists are chemists who design, prepare, and test metal compounds. They study the physical characteristics of these alloys and examine into how changing the manufacturing process can help them more efficient

Metallurgists also conduct experiments to determine how an alloy can react in a particular environment and to estimate its long-term stability.

  • Salary- $85,826


The main role of a horticulturist is to care for, maintain and reproduce plants. These experts use their scientific knowledge in plant growth and reproduction. They offer technical information to vegetable and flower growers.

Part of their job is to pest experiments and conduct disease and surveys with excellent cultivars that are more resistant to disease. In addition, they can help in soil regeneration in the mining industry

  • Salary- $73060

Truck Driver

Truck drivers transport goods and materials from manufacturing plants or retail companies and distribution centers using semi-trailers or heavy trucks. The truck driver helps and supervises the safe unloading at the destination. They should always check that their goods are complete and sturdy with cables, ropes, or other things.

Truck Drivers must keep their trucks clean, tidy, and inspected before the trip and make sure they are in properly working order for safe operation. They must stay true to all required safety precautions and guidelines forth by the federal and state governments. To find the most effective and safest routes, they should also be knowledgeable about and comfortable using GPS or maps.

  • Salary- $70,000

Soil Conservationist

As a Soil Conservationist, you must possess practical knowledge of methods of water, soil, and environmental conservation. Also, you will help landowners with problems like dealing with soil, water, plants, and other animal concerns.

A soil conservationist usually makes around 64K US dollars per year, making it a lucrative job in basic industry.

  • Salary- $64,588


These are some of the highest paying jobs in the basic industries. If you’re looking for a successful career path with high pay, these positions may be perfect for you. Your ideal job will be based on your unique strengths and weaknesses, how much money you want to make and what you want to do with your life.

Always remember to research the requirements for each job, as some may require extra schooling or licensing.

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