23 Best Jobs for Girls in India [2023]

best jobs for girls in india

In our today’s world, women have made amazing achievements in almost every field. Females have been shattering the socially constructed barriers over the past few years and rising gloriously from the ashes like the phoenix. Women are no longer required to leave their occupations in order to support their families or after marriage, as it was the case in the earlier.

However, the reality is that women are now making great mark in both male- and female-dominated jobs, and there are no longer any specific female or ladies jobs.

A woman is capable of performing every job. However, a few women are interested in understanding about the best jobs in India for women. The ability to make one’s own income is one of the most important things that affects a woman’s quality of life. If they have a good income, they won’t need to depend on anyone because they will be able to manage their expenditures.

23 Best Jobs In India For Girls & Women

Teaching Jobs

Since they receive a lot of respect and a decent salary in this field, this profession has long been regarded as the best choice for women. Women have the opportunity to play a significant role in influencing people’s lives in this field of work. Today, there are a variety of possibilities for teaching, such as in teaching and online learning.

Since the last ten years, job opportunities in India’s education industry have risen substantially. Female B.Ed. graduates can apply for positions at government schools and colleges as well.

As a result, teaching can be a successful career choice for women because it gives peace, decent wages, and a lot of respect.

Cabin crew and hospitality

The majority of people working in this profession are women since women are more likely to get hired by airlines. As they already possess this quality, many women want to work in the hospitality industry. In addition to giving them the opportunity to travel and experience the world, this industry makes them financially independent.

Due of this, many women are choosing to pursue this career because it is quite interesting. Good communication skills are essential in this field because they are needed in both jobs that involve serving others as well as those who need cabin crew. These professions offer better salary; based on experience, your package may vary from Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000.

Entertainment Industry

Females who want to work in the entertainment sector would find this to be quite interesting and fascinating. It’s a glamorous world with lots of work opportunities and a decent salary. You might not be aware that the media and entertainment industry has a market value of more than Rs. 1440 billion and directly or indirectly employed more than 3.4 million people.

If you are attractive and beautiful, there are several jobs available for you in this industry. You can work as:

  • Female model
  • Anchor
  • Stylist
  • Cinematographer
  • Actor
  • Singing
  • Videography
  • Choreographer


A doctor’s job could be one of the most prestigious and profitable for women. We are all aware that a doctor is responsible for successfully diagnosing the patient’s condition, communicating with the patient, and prescribing the right course of treatment. Having your own chamber is even feasible for doctors who work at several hospitals. Patients’ diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare are the doctors’ responsibilities. It’s a pleasure to be called as a “lady doctor”! Each physician has a specific field of knowledge, and they all assist their patients accordingly.

Any of the following fields is available to specialize as doctors:

  • General Physician 
  • Child Specialist 
  • Cardiologist 
  • Neurologist 
  • Gynaecologist 
  • Dermatologist
  • Psychologist


Women find blogging to be a highly fascinating career because it gives them a platform to express their own thoughts and ideas. Additionally, it gives you chances to showcase your skills and knowledge in an efficient manner.

People from all around the world can read what we write and share their thoughts and opinions, which makes blogging a useful tool for keeping up with current trends.

There are several types of blogging.

  • Travel Blogging
  • Wildlife blogging
  • Beauty Blogging
  • Technology Blogging
  • Literature Blogging
  • Recipe Blogging
  • Creative Blogging


Making engaging YouTube videos will assist one to generate passive income if they are willing to put in more time and effort. Youtubers are in demand, and the majority of them are well-liked by the common people.

It is a great resource for sharing knowledge and stay updated with events in the world. YouTubers have a great opportunity as a result.

You can switch to YouTube as a full-time career, and in addition to earning well from YouTube, you can also do so through Facebook. You may be sponsored. Overall, you’ll get the career you want.

Human Resources Managers

Due to the perception that women are better suited than men to fill the role of human resources manager, the field has generally been dominated by women. Another factor is the notion that women are thought to be more skilled at evaluating personal attributes and matching them to required skills. In terms of managing people, resolving conflicts, and negotiating, women have higher levels of emotional intelligence than do men.


Nursing is considered as a good career choice for women despite its high demands. Helping the sick and the less poor is a noble effort. As a nurse, you must attend to patients’ requirements and keep patients healthy. You can take a nursing course before submitting an application for this job. After that, you can grow in this career path with time and experience.

Fashion Designing

In today’s world, everyone’s life is infused with fashion. Since a few of years ago, this industry has been flourishing. This is a career you might choose if you have a keen sense of style and are creative.

One of those fields that might give girls a lot of options is design, which includes creating textiles, jewellery, and fashion, among other things. You could also start this business from home if you have experience with other job processes like embroidery, handloom, etc.


The demand for lawyers is expected to rise by 10% over the next decade, despite the fact that women are currently underrepresented in the profession.

This is because both the public and private sectors are experiencing an increase in demand for legal services.

Among all professions, lawyers enjoy one of the highest median salaries, and women lawyers may expect to earn a salary that is almost on par with that of their male counterparts.

Online Tutoring

For many women, becoming an online teacher is a highly popular career choice. Teaching kids online for a few hours is a great alternative if you want a part-time job or to work from home.

You can teach any subject you like as an online tutor. On some online teaching platforms, you may even teach young children hobbies like singing or dancing.

It’s a good idea to take a few free online training courses in education if you want to work as an online tutor so that you can perform better on the job.

Information Technology

The demand for professionals with the necessary abilities is constantly growing as a result of the rapid growth of the digital or information technology (IT) industry. For women who are interested in the IT industry or computers in general, this is a great opportunity.

The fields of computer engineering and information technology provide some of the best employment opportunities for women.

Social Media Influencer

Do you have any followers on Instagram or Twitter? Influencer position is achievable. Nowadays, major brands and businesses pay a lot of attention to influencers. Through their audiences and followers, they have a big part in spreading the word regarding brands.

Influencers use their social media platforms to not only advertise a product but also to review a lot of them. Depending on the brands they get as partners, they earn financially from these activities!

UPSC Civil Services

The UPSC Civil Services is one of the most prestigious careers one could possibly hope to have. One of the most searched entrances in the nation is the UPSC Civil Services test. Indian Foreign Services (IFS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS), and similar programs are all offered by India. The job tasks that the candidate must manage varies depending on the sector.

Data shows how many women have attempted the entrance in recent years and succeeded at it. You should first complete the entrance in order to join the UPSC Civil Services. Make sure to review the basic requirements for female eligibility on the official website.


Nowadays, women take part in every kind of activity and occupation, even those in the defence sector.

For women who are ambitious and brave, the military offers a variety of job choices. In the past, women did not have a comfortable option if they wanted to pursue an adventurous career in the defence industry.

Nowadays, because of globalization and the explosion of information, it’s simple for women to fill a variety of positions in the defence sector.

Girls must have a bachelor’s degree and work in the defence sector.

In India, there are few options for joining the military.

  • CDS exam
  • AFCAT exam
  • NCC special entry
  • Short Service Commission
  • NDA

Commercial Airline Pilot Jobs

Most of the pilots who entered the system 30–40 years ago are retiring, but there are not many new pilots coming up. As a result, there is a growing pilot shortage.

According to data from around the world, less than half as many pilots as are required annually are being trained.

However, being a commercial pilot involves more than just working for a passenger airline. Additionally, pilots test planes, dust crops, monitor on traffic, and fight fires. Also, you are not required to have your training in the military.

A college degree and education from a flight training school certified by the FAA is an options.

Banking Jobs

In our country, the banking sector is very popular. Despite the high number of applicants for banking jobs, there are many women successfully managing and running banks. Throughout the country, various exams are held for entrance and advanced levels.

You need to clear these exams to be chosen if you want to work in the banking industry. The banking industry offers you a flourishing career in addition to many other benefits. Either public or private banks are hiring. It is a lucrative professional choice for women.


Continuous vigilance and attention are required for accounting. The best candidate for this position should have M.Com, MBA in Finance, or a CA degree. To file TDS, IT returns, and GST on behalf of clients, one needs a strong working knowledge of Excel and Tally.

Depending on the customer and their own preferences, one can work as a freelance accountant, take the job with a company, or start their own consultancy.

Professional Sports

Professional sports were considered as being exclusively for men. But over past, women have made progress in a number of sports, including archery, athletics, wrestling, badminton, and more. Being young is essential if you want to succeed in professional sports.

You must maintain discipline in your life and put in a lot of effort to participate in a professional sport. You should engage in the proper academy, work with knowledgeable mentors to refine your skills, and begin competing at the state level before moving on to the national and then international levels.

The path to excellence and success is hard, but success is attainable with a lot of effort and commitment.


Earlier, only men established and directed businesses, but nowadays, a large number of women have entered the field of entrepreneurship and are successfully managing their own businesses. Women have founded a large number of creative start-ups. Women are growing as business owners and successfully running large corporations. 

Interior Designer 

An interior designer could have a stylish and wonderful job. Although an interior designer’s duties are varied, one of the main tasks is to offer the best design guidance for those using interior spaces to do so in a safe and optimal way. A building’s interior template and layout are suggested, and an interior designer providing recommendations for various reconfigurations, including products and surfaces.

If you want to work as an interior designer, you must finish your master’s degree in the field. An advantage is having certification in interior design.

Government Jobs

Government jobs is the only position on this list that offers stability, security, and security advantages.

This is accurate for both men and women, however the preferred career in India is still working for the government.

It specifically helps women in achieving their objective of equal employment, allowing them to pursue their passions and gain respect in society.

Event Planner

From the initial phases of planning to the actual execution, event planners plan and control every aspect of events. Work with a variety of people, including clients, vendors, and staff, and handling logistics.

Event planners must handle multiple tasks at once and have strong organizational skills in addition to handling logistics.


Women are successfully making their mark in several sectors in the twenty-first century. They have the opportunity to diversify their job options without facing discrimination. These profitable careers for women in India are featured in this post. If you plan carefully and choose the right path to success, you can achieve the same level of confidence, success, and fulfillment.

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