9 Best Expense Tracker App in India [2023]

best expense tracker app india

It is an old tradition to maintain track of income and expenses in India. Most of us have probably seen at least one of our parents keeping track of expenses in a diary, notepad, journal, etc. 

The only difference is that Gen Z is more comfortable with smartphones to use pen and dairy. Furthermore, with the rise of payment apps to support cashless India maintaining a tracker app is a more easier and possible plan.

 With growing needs and increasing ways to make payments, old trackers that require too many manual entries are such a waste of time as well as effort. Being adaptive to changing trends is desperately needed. So, let’s discuss the trending best personal expense tracker app in India.

What is a personal expense tracker app?

A personal expense tracker app is where you can link your financial information to keep track of your expenses you are occurring. It assists in managing your daily expenses or you can say it is an intermediary that assists you to keep track of your expenses without any need for third-party intervention.

With a personal expense tracker app, get a clear picture of your spending and be your financial planner. As there are various expense tracker apps free of cost, it is an easy decision, to start using them.

Reasons for using personal expense tracker apps

Here are 5 reasons for using personal expense tracker apps:

  • Never miss a payment

The app will keep track all of your payment dates, including credit card dues, phone bills, utility bills, and more. It will send alerts to your phone so that you don’t forget any payments. Advance alerts help you in managing significant payments, like credit card dues. This means that you are not required to pay late payment charges.

View charts and graphs

These apps represent your spending data as pie charts and graphs, which can help you get a clear picture of your expenses. For example, your expenses under different categories in a month are displayed in form of a pie chart. Also, you can compare your monthly expenses with the help of bar charts. Visual representation of data gives you a bigger picture of your finances and helps you in making appropriate decisions.

Track your spends automatically

These apps analyse your SMSs and keep track on your spends. Therefore, every time you spend on your debit card or credit card through any wallet, the expenses are automatically recorded.

Set spending limits

These apps also allow you to set spending limits for each category. Let’s say you have put Rs. 10,000 as the monthly spending on eating out. At any point in time you can check how much of the limit you have spent and how much is still left. Setting spending limits are a good strategy for keeping your spending within limits. 

Categorise your expenses

You can not only track your expenses, but you can categorise them too. You can choose from pre-defined categories like bills, groceries, shopping, eating out, fuel, and more. You can also add custom categories. Every spending is grouped into categories. When you pay your electricity bills, it’s grouped under “bills,” whenever you go out for dining, the expenses are grouped under “Eating out” and so on. Therefore, you perfectly know how much money you are spending under each of these categories.

Benefits of personal expense tracker apps

Various benefits of having the best personal expense tracker app in India on your phone are:

  • Notice unnecessary expenses and know your spending habits.
  • Stick to a budget while reducing unnecessary expenses.
  • Organized cash inflow and outflow.
  • Know how your wallet can be helpful in times of emergency.
  • Develop good financial habits.
  • Increasing your wealth by avoiding wastage.

Along with these benefits, personal expense tracker apps can also help in providing you with tips on how to save and manage expenses using Artificial intelligence. Some of the best apps for personal expense tracker may have recommendations about the opportunities to invest.

10 Best Expense Tracker app India


By downloading this app, you can get an interactive interface along with all the premium tracking features. There is no requirement to log in, simply starts as soon as you get your hands on it. It is among the best expense tracker app in India supported by an editor’s choice mark in the Google Play Store.

Track your daily expenses along with managing your budget and boosting your savings.


  • Maintain a multi-currency track.
  • Use a passcode to protect your data.
  • To save money, use a budget tracker.
  • Create several accounts.
  • Control your regular payments.
  • To crunch numbers, use the built-in calculator.
  • Backup and export personal finance data with just a single click.


  • user friendly
  • Can be synced with Dropbox
  • Support for everyone
  • CSV export of data
  • Free without advertisements


  • poor web support
  • no web login
  • Budget information must be manually inputted.
  • The website is as clear as mud.
  • The iPhone version is missing some features.
  • there is no automatic exchange rate
  • only use numeric passcodes


Walnut secures and automates the tracking of your monthly expenses. You can stay in your budget, pay your bills timely, and increase your monthly savings by using the Walnut app. 

The Walnut money manager app can help you in figure out how much you spend and how much money you save each month. The Walnut app analyses your phone’s SMS inbox and keeps track of important information such as bills, expenses, and even travel bookings.

Furthermore, eligible users are offered personal loans and the “Walnut Prime” benefit, which is an instant line of credit for shopping, Paying bills, travel, and a variety of other activities. 

Walnut money manager app provides quick personal loans with interest rates ranging from 14%-22% per annum with terms between 12 to 36 months.


  • Keep track of credit card transactions.
  • Share expenses with friends.
  • Transfer money using BHIM UPI – direct bank-to-bank transfer of funds
  • Examine bank balances
  • More than 50 Indian banks and cards are supported.
  • Keep track of reservations for movies and events, trains, taxis, among other things.
  • Locate nearby ATMs that have cash in real-time.
  • All expenses at a glance – Credit cards, digital wallets, bank accounts, etc.
  • Export your data, then create expense reports (in PDF & CSV format)


  • Automatic money tracking and auto-categorize transactions
  • Online backups, app lock
  • Daily/weekly overview, bill reminders
  • Search for expenses using tags and notes


  • Needs mandatory SMS access


Wallet is yet another market-leading personal finance manager app designed to help you in manage your money better. It helps you in planning for future money management by collecting all of your personal finance requirements. 

With Wallet, you can automatically track your everyday expenses by syncing your bank account, viewing weekly expense reports, planning your shopping expenses, and share specific features with your loved ones. You can manage your money with a wallet at any time and from anywhere.

India’s Wallet personal finance app allows you to easily control your expenses and save more money by using the app’s finance tracker and planner features.


  • Automatically sync your bank accounts.
  • Keep track of your credit limit along with your budget.
  • Arrange your bills so you can keep track of payments.
  • Simple graphics for better understanding.
  • Get an analysis of how future payments will improve your wealth.


  • a seamless purchasing experience
  • Improved Security
  • Use a card of your choice
  • charge a flat fee for some functions or transactions


  • Bank sync is a mandatory feature, making it unsuitable for some users.
  • The app does not provide a facility to scan receipts.
  • Login is also mandatory.

Realbyte Money Manager

This one’s for you, if you’re interested in a highly detailed approach. Another best android expense tracker app which doesn’t need a login. It offers you with a detailed interface and a comprehensive glimpse of your daily, weekly, and monthly activities

Not just expense tracking but credible financial planning is yet another benefit of this app. Even after having a pro version, its free version includes various incomparable features to deal with Accounts related stats.


  • System of double-entry bookkeeping
  • a bookmarking feature
  • backup/restore function
  • management of credit and debit cards
  • Get access to statistics immediately.


Spendee, a fantastic household budget planner to control expenses and income. Whether you are a student or working adult anyone can use this app to track their expenses. By linking your bank account and credit card to your Spendee account, you’ll be able to control your finances more effectively.

The Spendee app also includes charts and graphs which are extremely helpful in visualising your expenditure against your income. Overall, Spendee is a fantastic free expense tracker app for everyone who wants a hassle-free experience when it comes to tracking personal finance.


  • Know your financial habits. 
  • Keep track of your cash inflows.
  • Get customization, notifications, and reminders.
  • Switch between various currencies.
  • Connect with e-wallets, crypto wallets, and bank accounts.


  • Free version is available
  • Shared wallets for dual budgeting
  • automatic and manual spending categorization
  • supports various currencies
  • Smart budgeting prevents overspending


  • no credit monitoring
  • no bill-pay feature
  • On Android, the software can be buggy
  • Doesn’t sync with all banks


Finart is a feature-rich Indian app. It is a post-trial, paid app that is simple and easy to use. It’s quite an interactive when it comes to user experience. You get this expense tracker app totally free for 45 days, with all the features available. Later, a low monthly fee is charged.


  • There, SMS-based expense tracking is easier.
  • Sync with family accounts.
  • Get recurring payment reminders.
  • Interesting charts to study.
  • In one place, you can plan your budget and check your account balance.
  • Use it for personal and business in a single subscription.
  • Keep track of all other subscriptions in one place such as Netflix, Zomato, Amazon Prime, and many more.


  • Bill reminders for better expense management.
  • Graphical representation of spends.
  • separate profiles for business expenses and tracking personal.


  • FinArt doesn’t scan bills.
  • In the iOS App Store, this app is not available.


It’s another app with many options in each section to choose from. This is a hassle-free expense tracker app that works great. Starting from language, select any category you want to add expenses in. You can also do it on a regular basis as it works best with daily expenses.


  • supports all major currencies
  • Also, it allows creating groups and splitting bills.
  • Helps to keep track your weekly and monthly expenses on the go
  • You can always check your expenses.


  • Good range of budgeting features
  • The app is slick and appealing.
  • previous spending insights and future forecasts
  • View all of your financial accounts in one location.


  • Not all UK banks can be joined into Wally.
  • Some additional features (like customizable categories) only come with the paid-for version
  • In-app text can sometimes be difficult to read because of its small size

Expense Manager

If you are looking for an expense and budgeting tool, Expense Manager can be quite beneficial. Expense Manager is a simple, instinctive, stable, feature-rich money management app designed for users looking for a better personal finance app. 

When you use the expense manager app, everything you need is is at your fingertips, from keeping track of your expenses to managing your budget.


  • Payment reminders
  • Calendar-based budget forecasting
  • PIN security
  • Organizing bills by category, week, month, and by year
  • Add several expense or income records.
  • There is no need to register or have internet access.
  • Budgets with progress bars for every day, week, month, and year


  • Controlling expenses through awareness 
  • Anytime and anywhere access
  • Less risk of data loss
  • Getting real-time approval of bills


  • When compared to Monefy or Walnut, Expense Manager can seem to be more complex.

Zoho Expense

Zoho is one of the best Android expense tracker app. Many mid-sized organizations also use it for keeping themselves within the budget. It has an amazing platform to offer solutions by performing a set of tasks and providing rich features for users to engage.


  • Automatically scan expense receipts
  • streamline the multi-level approval process
  • more effectively manage audit expenses
  • Make expense accounting easier
  • Allows reconciling corporate cards


  • Real-time notifications for travel information
  • SmartScan technology allows users to instantly upload receipts


  • To match receipts to expense reports, manual sorting is required.
  • App freezes, causing some users to upload receipts several times
  1. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is a money manager and expense tracker app designed for individual budgeting. This app is a pro-active budget planner that assists you in keeping on top of your budget, finances and bills. The app was designed for easy, real-time tracking of your finances and budget, making it one of India’s best expense tracker apps. One of the best free money management apps is Goodbudget.


  • Data is securely and automatically backed up to Goodbudget’s website.
  • Download transactions to CSV
  • Clear and reconcile transactions
  • separate expense transactions
  • Envelope fills and scheduled transactions


  • provides a free version.
  • provides resources to help you.
  • a simple approach to budgeting
  • provides spending reports.


  • No tools or resources for investing.
  • Limited features overall.
  • Does not connect to financial accounts for better expense tracking.
  • The free version is very limited.


The apps listed above can satisfy your needs if you’re looking for India’s best expense tracking app or the best money management app. You might be able to select the best finance app for your needs after reading the concise information provided about some of the best finance apps available. 

It’s not always possible to make a quick decision. All you have to do is search a little more about the apps that pique your interest and then make an informed decision. Also, you can try out a few of these apps and then decide which one is best for you.

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